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When passion meets fury, there are no limits as to what can be achieved. With this in mind, the visionary behind Fury & Son Brewing Company, Andrew Georgiou, has led an impassioned journey in building Melbourne’s newest craft brewery from the ground up. Driven by a deep interest in beer and an understanding of the artistry that is brewing, Andrew and his father Reno are looking towards a big future for Fury & Son.

The brand-new brewery, based in Keilor Park, draws upon the family’s Cypriot heritage and traditional beer pairings to create brews that balance the conventional concept of beer with new and innovative flavours. In his quest for the best beer he could possibly produce, Andrew has looked far and wide, researching what others are doing all over the world and bringing it back to the Keilor Park site. The result is a range of experimental flavours that have already proved to be immensely popular. From the inventive Scotch Ale, with smoky hints and flavours of sweet toffee and treacle, to the citrusy Pale Ale with undertones of passionfruit, to the light bodied Pilsner with subtle malt tones, Fury & Son are pushing boundaries and doing so exceptionally well.

The team’s efforts have not gone unnoticed. Their very first recipe to ever go from concept to glass, the Pale Ale, was awarded the gold medal at the 2016 Craft Beer Awards, a fantastic start to their beer-based endeavours.

Alongside a team of driven staff, champion brewer Craig Eulenstein’s duty is to oversee everything from recipe design to brewing to bottling to ensure the utmost quality. With a simple and honest goal in mind, as well as a deep respect for the art of brewery, the team are doing all that they can to ensure that when a Fury & Son brew is ordered, a fine brew is delivered.

Fury & Son has a longstanding partnership with Stray Neighbour in Preston, as it was the first venue to buy the brewery’s beer. However, with no signs of slowing down, expect to see Fury & Son cropping up all over Melbourne in the near future, with plans to expand into new markets and even deeper and more complex flavour combinations.

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46 Concorde Drive, Keilor Park 3042


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