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A boilermaker is the pairing of whisky and beer; a drinking experience that becomes more than the sum of its parts. The two intrinsically linked products take on completely new meanings when taken side by side.

Boilermaker House could be described in much the same way: skilled bartenders, premium products and an intimate space combined to create something that’s much bigger than its parts, placing it on the mantle as one of Melbourne’s best bars.

Considering the team behind Boilermaker House, its success comes as no surprise. It’s the fourth venture from the Speakeasy Group, also behind Eau de Vie and the Roosevelt. Sven Almenning – the founder of a training and consultancy firm called Behind Bars – created the hospitality empire after finding a gaping hole in the market for high quality and creative drinkmuaking. He set about to open his own with the first Eau de Vie on Sydney’s Darlinghurst Road.

Sven met business partner, Greg Sanderson, through Behind Bars, and entrusted him to take the Eau De Vie concept to Melbourne. Boilermaker House was the second Melbourne venture – a vision of Greg’s executed by one of Australia’s best bartenders, Jack Sotti. There’s no hyperbole in Jack’s title – he was crowned the third-best bartender in the world in 2015, so is perfectly placed to hold the reins at Boilermaker House as General Manager.

Since opening in 2015, Jack and his team have successfully found the sweet spot of the bar world, balancing excellent service and premium products with a relaxed, fun and occasionally raucous atmosphere. Boilermaker House is the kind of place where you can approach the bar with no solid idea in mind, and walk away with a drink you didn’t know you wanted, but most definitely needed. While its focus is on pairing wonderful whiskies with craft beer, there’s more than that on offer – whatever your preferred poison, the team is happy to oblige, so let your imagination run wild.

The space is equally as diverse, with booths where you can sip on a cocktail for an hour, or open space where you can mingle and observe the 850 whiskies on offer. Whisky bottles line each side, creating a warm amber tone that makes you feel right at home.

It’s not just the drinks where Boilermaker House shines. Jack’s culinary partner in crime is Head Chef, Scott Burley, who has been involved in the industry for a number of years, most notably at fine-dining restaurant Maha. Scott delivers a menu designed around the drinks, using a range of exciting local charcuterie and cheese products from suppliers like Flinders Island meats and L’Artisan Cheese of Mepunga.

Wash down your large Ploughman’s Platter – three cheeses, four meats, pate, terrine, pickles and olives – with the aptly named ‘Big O.M.’ (Original Maltster), a boilermaker pairing of Aberlour Abunad’h matched to Feral’s ‘Nice Guy Dud Root’ Brown Ale served from a nitro line. If you’re looking for more knife-andfork fare, the 250g Cape Grim rump steak with potato salad and house mustard will satiate any hunger pangs.

Boilermaker House is the bar for any occasion. Whether it’s a quiet drink on a Tuesday night or a boozy celebratory dinner on a Saturday, it has everything you could ever need in a watering hole. Just like its namesake, it gets better with every sip.

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209-211 Lonsdale Street, Melbourne


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