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Step back in time at Tycoon Tann, an avant-garde three-storey lifestyle destination that exudes splendour and sophistication. Encompassing the ground-floor Mod Bar, and the intimate restaurant Tycoon Tann on the upper two levels, the sophisticated, edgy venue takes guests on a journey through the different dynasties and golden ages of Chinese history, with everything from vintage antiques to paintings and artworks evoking an aura of mystery and intrigue.

The name Tycoon Tann is derived from an old Chinese name meaning an ‘elegant room for sophisticated people’. It’s fitting for a place that caters to Hong Kong’s well heeled – those with an inclination for the finer things in life.

The experience starts on the street level at the Mod Bar, where patrons snack on a selection of east meets west bar snacks and creative Chinese-inspired cocktails. Stylish and chic, the bar is framed in dark wood and steel with bronze accents, antique lighting fixtures, and old-style Chinese apothecary cabinets.

The drinks here are as eclectic as the furniture – try the Yum Cha, a combination of homemade cinnamon gin, St. Germain liqueur, lemongrass and fruit tea served in a Chinese teacup, or the Chi Pao, a smooth concoction of Moutai, whisky, apple and lemon juice.

When your stomach starts to grumble, head upstairs to the second or third level to transition to a full-fledged meal. The upper levels provide a departure from the stylish bar below; the second floor is a relaxed and modern art-filled space that exudes Chinese avant-garde style. The third floor bears more traditional elements, taking inspiration from the Shanghai French Concession era, with stunning sculptures of golden birds and Chinese poetry adorning the walls.

Tycoon Tann’s a la carte selection encompasses a range of traditional Chinese dishes upgraded with a modern twist thanks to Executive Chef Wong Wai Man. Wong’s natural instinct for taking Chinese food to the next level, seen in his award-winning recipes, makes for a stand-out dining experience. Can’t decide between the kurobuta pork belly and asparagus rolls or the wok-fried soft shell crab with garlic and chilli? Opt for the Tycoon Tann appetisers platter, where you’ll be treated to a selection of signature starters to kick off the evening.

Next, venture into the excellent seafood and meat selections, ranging from, the sliced Peking duck with caviar, and the baked crab shell loaded with fresh crab meat and topped with Dutch cheese, to the fried beetroot fragrant rice with conpoy, Yunnan ham and egg white.

Be sure to save room for the signature char siu – Tycoon Tann uses Hungarian Mangalica hogs for a premium twist to this quintessential Hong Kong dish, resulting in incredibly moist and tender meat, made smoky with a slow grill over charcoal. There’s also the sweet Pearl of Dragon, a crispy glutinous ball with sesame. Many of these dishes will be recognisable to Hong Kong diners, but with twists such as the addition of high-quality ingredients or by using an innovative approach.

Dining at Tycoon Tann represents a journey through the passage of time with decor rooted firmly in bygone days but a menu that isn’t afraid to step into the future. Tycoon Tann takes the concept of modern Chinese cuisine to the next level, creating its own slice of history with a cuisine and space that’s uniquely its own.

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74 Wellington Street, Central, Hong Kong


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