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A good old-fashioned beer crawl through Hong Kong’s SoHo district invariably starts at The Roundhouse BBQ + Beer, one of the top-rated beer bars in the city. Founded in 2013, The Roundhouse has the distinction of being Hong Kong’s first official taproom, and although many have followed in its footsteps, it still boasts the city’s largest selection of brews on tap.

The Roundhouse was founded by avid beer drinker, Thomas Lau. Holding special meaning for Thomas, The Roundhouse is a place to gather over good food, drinks and quality company, a social gathering spot similar to those he grew up around. A love of beer is the common underlying thread, and The Roundhouse is all about highlighting the best from around the region.

Dedicated beer aficionados seek out The Roundhouse for its carefully curated selection with a full spectrum of different styles, flavours, origins and strengths. The selection updates at least once a week, so frequent customers can discover a new favourite brew on each visit. To encourage this, the bar offers free tastings, and the well-trained staff can guide you through the different aspects of strength, balance and complexity.

Behind the bar, a compact cold room ensures the freshness of each pour. With around 25 varieties available daily, your options are endless: try Brewdog’s renowned IPA with a golden hue, bright fruity aromas and a light body that elevates the crispness of the hops.

For something a bit more complex, sample the California Kolsch that blends German hops with malts from America and Munich.

Local craft breweries such as Young Master Ales and Kowloon Bay Brewery are well represented, contributing everything from classic porters to rich and toasty lagers.

If you’re struggling with the vast selection of brews on offer, then it’s time to consult the iPad, where you’ll find a list of all the beers available, along with tasting notes (courtesy of The Roundhouse’s team) so you can make an educated decision when ordering.

The cold brews on tap present a fitting companion for the American-style barbecue on offer. The culinary team has put plenty of effort into recreating authentic Texan flavours, using only US-imported meats and seasonings to deliver on tastes of the south.

The barbecued meats, smoked with oakwood for over 12 hours, are sensational. The beef brisket arrives thick and moist, still carrying the smell of smoky oak, while the pulled pork is tender and bathed in rich juices. A selection of sauces is available, but the meat has plenty of flavour on its own. To complete your feast, choose from an array of comforting sides including classic potato salad and a rich and hearty beef chilli.

The Roundhouse has spread to two locations, one in Central and one in Wan Chai – the latter swaps out barbecue for fried chicken and southern cornbread, and a varied selection of brews are covered at both venues. For thirsty patrons looking for something more than mass-produced lager, The Roundhouse is a welcome home to explore different types of craft beer, carefully curated to represent the best from around the region.

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Ground Floor, 62 Peel St, Central, Hong Kong


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