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What do you do when the guy at the fast food counter asks what you want on your burger? You take ‘the whole lot’, according to entrepreneur and foodie, Kenneth Yip. In fact, this phrase inspired the name for his debut restaurant in Hong Kong, a cosy corner joint where a burger does indeed come with all the fixings and guests are encouraged to treat themselves to the ultimate comfort-food meal.

Chef Tony Higginbotham, a food professional with a penchant for giving fast food a fresh gourmet twist, started The Lot on Possession in 2014. He was joined by Kenneth in 2016 and, along with Head Chef, Govind Singh Rana, the team sets the standard for the plates coming in and out of the kitchen, focusing on locally sourced fresh, seasonal produce and a wholesome interpretation of comfort-food favourites.

This approach naturally means that everything is made in-house, from the ovenbaked pizzas to the house condiments and sauces, which are used to jazz up everything from barbecue ribs to burgers. Whether you’re craving pasta, pizza, salmon or steak, The Lot has you covered – after all, the name is also meant to be a nod to the sheer volume of choice on the menu, meaning everyone should be able to satisfy their cravings.

Not sure where to start? Dig in to the starters selection to share. The calamari arrives lightly dusted in lemon pepper and sweet paprika, served with a zesty tequila- and lime-spiked mayo. Alternatively, the buffalo mozzarella and tomato salad sings of summer with creamy cheese layered with plump, ripe tomatoes in a homemade pesto sauce.

The burgers are the star of the menu – butter-basted patties made from dry-aged beef and caramelised on the grill-top, with puffy sesame buns. Ambitious eaters should opt for the Grand Burger, a knife-and-fork number with two thick, cheese-smothered patties, sandwiched on both sides with grilled tiger prawn, tomato, bacon, green beans and lettuce, and finished off with drizzles of house sauce. Roasted jalapeno peppers add a hum of heat while bacon imparts a wonderful smoky aroma. On another end of the fast-food spectrum, pizza lovers will find solace in the eight different varieties of oven-baked goodness.

Identified by a small neon-lit sign at the entrance, The Lot on Possession is a humble spot with a hidden-gem appeal that has made it a favourite among locals in the area. Inside, red brick walls, bar stools and exposed lightbulbs set the casual bar vibe, while affordable wines by the glass encourage long tête-à-têtes. With plans to open a second location soon, The Lot may be stepping out from under the radar, but for now, this hidden
spot remains one to seek out. And when the waiter asks whether you’d like bacon and cheese with your burger? You know what your answer ought to be.

Locate The Lot on Possession

G/F, 22 Possession St, Sheung Wan


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