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Named after the iconic Argentinian dance, Tango brings the vibrant and scintillating culture of Latin America to life through one of its most enticing gateways: the food.

The authentic Argentinian steak house has injected the local dining scene with a welcome dose of Latin American flavour and spice, championing the prized, grass-fed beef of La Pampa, one of the world’s most famous grazing pastures.

With two locations in town, Tango satisfies hungry carnivores on both sides of the harbour. Tango Central first launched in 2010, with the sister venue, Tango Elements, opening in West Kowloon in 2016. The Elements location is more spacious than its Central counterpart, situated in the alfresco dining hub of Civic Square, with a patio spilling out into the open courtyard. Warm, rustic furnishings are reminiscent of an old ranch house, with vintage posters and distressed-wood tabletops transporting guests to the Argentinian countryside.

At the heart of the restaurant is the custom-built parilla grill, where steaks sizzle away on an open flame. The kitchen’s know-how with the grill is no surprise, given that most of the team are from South America, making use of their shared knowledge and experience with gaucho-style grilling to serve up perfectly cooked steaks every time – juicy and tender with just the right amount of caramelised crust.

Leading this team of grill masters is Executive Chef, Ignacio Elizondo, an Argentinian native who worked in Buenos Aires, Chicago and then New York, where he trained under the celebrated Daniel Boulud before making his way to Hong Kong.

The mouth-watering aromas hit you the second you walk through the door, triggering your most primal needs and desires to rip into a juicy piece of meat. But first, there are decisions to be made, with eight different cuts on the menu, from ribeye and skirt steak to rump and bone-in sirloin. Each boasts its own distinct texture and unique qualities, but all share a common denominator: intense, meaty flavour.

While the flame-licked meats are the centrepiece of the table, the spread wouldn’t be complete without a selection of quintessential Argentinian sides and starters, from the empanadas filled with ground beef and provolone cheese to the chorizo sausage platter with chimichurri. There’s also a tempting selection of Argentinian-style pasta.

To wash it all down, grab a bottle or two of rich and fruity Argentinian wine. The go-to is, of course, the malbec, with its intense colour and aromas of dark fruits such as blackberries and plums. The robust, full-bodied characteristic of an Argentinian malbec pairs beautifully with the grilled beef.

Add to all of this the warm, hospitable service and vibrant atmosphere of Tango, and you undoubtedly have a steak house worthy of any special occasion.

Locate Tango Argentinian Steak House

3/F Rooftop Garden, Civic Square, Elements, 1 Austin Rd West, Kowloon


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