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Any well-versed gourmand knows that pinot noir pairs perfectly with duck, a classic combination that forms the building blocks of Stanley’s casual eatery, Pinot Duck. With a tantalising menu that’s all about celebrating the ubiquitous bird (vegetarians need not apply), the modern bistro is a duck-lover’s dream, with all parts of the bird used in dishes that draw inspiration from the East and the West.

The concept both celebrates and expands on the traditional pairing of duck and pinot noir, spreading the word about how the addition of one can elevate the experience of consuming the other – an often-forgotten notion in Hong Kong’s bustling dining scene.

Leo Yeung is the man responsible for bringing the Pinot Duck concept to life. Born in China, he started his culinary career as an apprentice at the age of 15. He worked his way through the kitchens of Hong Kong’s hotels before moving to Sydney to ply his trade. On returning to Hong Kong, Leo joined the team at Pinot Duck, bringing together both East and West methodologies to present a thoughtfully curated culinary experience.

Peking duck is undoubtedly the focus here, with the moist and savoury meat boasting a shiny, crackling skin that melts in your mouth. This delicious duck comes in all types of preparations and accompanying accoutrements; you’ll find it shredded and paired with a sesame slaw, rolled in fresh cucumber, hand-pulled with fresh coriander and pickles in a baguette and, of course, paired traditionally with steamed buns or thin crepes with leeks and hoisin sauce.

For a taster, choose from the small plates, which include everything from crispy duck wings tossed in Sichuan peppers and cumin to crusted duck ‘lollies’ with taro mash and citrus tartar sauce. The guiltiest (and, dare we say, tastiest) pleasures on the menu range from the pan-seared foie gras glazed with Sichuan peppers to the duck liver pate served with Chinese kale crisps to duck fat potato wedges, which are fried in the fat drippings and amped up with cumin salt.

Of course, duck is only half of the equation here, and you’ll want to dig deep into the wine offerings to complement your meal with a good pinot. There is a wide range of red and white wines, many available by the glass. There are many more options by the bottle, sourced from all over Europe, Australia, South Africa and the United States.

With its balanced acidity and notes of cherry and plum, pinot noir is the perfect complement to counteract the richness of the duck, and the Pinot Duck team is quick to recommend the best bottle to pair with your dishes. While Peking duck often feels like a special-occasion food, reserved for large group gatherings, Pinot Duck makes this iconic Chinese dish much more accessible. It offers tapas-style portions and a fun wine list within a laid-back open-air venue, guaranteed to put a smile on your face as you savour a true Beijing delicacy.

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