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With modern and contemporary being key buzzwords in today’s restaurant world, it’s refreshing when a dining establishment looks to preserve the culinary traditions of the past. The established Ming Court at Cordis is one such restaurant, anchored by a culinary team who pays steady devotion and attention to respecting the authentic culinary methods and recipes of Cantonese cuisine.

It’s no surprise that the restaurant has been awarded a Michelin star for 10 consecutive years. With a well-seasoned kitchen team and painstaking attention to detail, Ming Court consistently offers some of the best fine dining Cantonese fare in the city.

The experienced culinary team ensures that each dish that leaves the kitchen is worthy of its Michelin star denotation, perfectly executed and artfully arranged on the plate. The sophisticated menu follows a treasure trail of premium Chinese ingredients: abalone, sea cucumber and fish maw are just a few of the delicacies you’ll find peppered throughout the dishes. These items are prepared simply to allow the nature of the ingredients to shine, but look elsewhere and you’ll see the creativity of the kitchen in play.

Soup is a core pillar of Cantonese cuisine, and Ming Court pays special dedication to recreate classics with the traditional long-and-slow soup-making techniques. A nourishing bowl of the Eight Treasure Soup – a mix of
abalone, fish maw, chicken, shiitake mushrooms, bamboo piths, black tree fungus, dried tangerine and ginger – can conjure up nostalgia for the typical Hong Kong local.

Other tonics from the kitchen include double-boiled fish head soup with chrysanthemum and a crystal clear chicken consomme, served in a glass teapot with matsutake mushrooms. Seafood items are just as light and subtly balanced, from the prawn sitting atop silky egg whites to the lobster in a tangle of ginger-scented vermicelli noodles.

When you’re ready for more full-on flavour, choose from the array of classic Cantonese barbecued meats, such as honey glazed pork loin and roasted suckling pig, delivering juicy, succulent flesh under a crisp, crackling skin. Wash this down with a wine list that offers breadth and variety, with over 400 labels from more than 100 wine regions meticulously curated by a professional wine team.

A tasteful restaurant demands tasteful decor, and Ming Court is elegant to a tee – mother-of-pearl and gold accents contrast against the warm, chocolatey tones of the furniture, simulating the balance of yin and yang, light and dark. A collection of Ming Dynasty bronzes and antiques adds an aura of grandeur and heritage to the space, a sentiment that’s reinforced by the kitchen’s deep-rooted classical recipes. For a taste of Cantonese tradition, Ming Court delivers an exquisite experience that can be said to be nothing short of flawless.

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555 Shanghai St, Mong Kok, Hong Kong


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