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For those who prefer a bit of theatre with their meal, there’s nothing like dining at a restaurant where you can see the chefs at work. Grab a seat at Inagiku Grande Japanese Restaurant’s tempura counter and watch as the talented team artfully craft the crispy morsels with care, creating a feast before your very eyes.

Inagiku has been offering eye-catching Japanese dining experiences for more than 100 years. Beginning as a family business in Japan, the restaurant gained prominence for its signature tempura dishes, cooked in special sesame oil. Over the years, the restaurant has branched out to incorporate venues all over Asia.

In 2002, Inagiku was opened at The Royal Garden hotel as the brand’s first foray into Hong Kong. Inagiku continues The Royal Garden’s luxurious offerings – the team prides itself on using fresh seasonal ingredients, artistic presentation methods and exceptional cooking techniques.

As you enter the space, your senses will be awed by a combination of sights, smells and sounds. Grab a chair at the tempura counter, where you’ll be fixated by the talented chefs coating and frying all your favourite ingredients. Alternatively you can opt for a spot at the teppanyaki counter for a front-row seat to all the action. If the theatrics sound like a little too much, request a seat at the more relaxed sushi counter, or opt for a private table in the main dining room.

Once you’re seated, it’s time to look at the menu and decide exactly which dishes you want to sample. The exciting a la carte menu offers a selection of tempura, sizzling teppanyaki, sashimi, sushi and sukiyaki. Inagiku Grande also offers a selection of kaiseki – a traditional Japanese multi-course dining experience. This unique style has been compared to European fine dining in its intricacies and the talent required to execute it well.

Both the kaiseki and a la carte options are overseen by the innovative and talented Executive Chef, Masayuki Goto. Masayuki is dedicated to sourcing Japanese ingredients and adapting these to create an authentic Japanese experience. Changing the menu every month allows Masayuki to trial innovative dishes and determine the best possible experience for diners.

While some elements of the menu rotate regularly, Inagiku’s signature tempura remains the same. Tempura Chef Kunio Sakuma and his skilled chefs coat their fresh ingredients – anything from prawns, scallops to sea urchins – in a secret batter before frying these in premium quality, refined sesame oil. Managing to strike the ultimate balance between crisp coating and piping-hot filling, Inagiku tempura is worthy of its reputation as some of the best in Hong Kong.

For the ultimate Japanese experience, pair your tempura with a glass of sake – perhaps the house bottle, Inagiku Junmai Dainginjyo. The light, fragrant rice wine pairs excellently with the fare on offer but Inagiku also boasts an extensive wine list should you prefer a glass of red or white.

Timeless and contemporary, with an omnipresent theme of Japanese culture, Inagiku embodies traditional concepts of Zen and the relationship between yin and yang. Whether you choose a seat at the chef’s counter or a table in the relaxing dining room, all your senses will be satisfied by a visit to this Hong Kong gem.

Locate Inagiku Grande Japanese Restaurant

1/F, The Royal Garden, 69 Mody Road, Tsim Sha Tsui HK


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