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Hong Kong’s proximity to Japan means a good sushi restaurant is never far away. Named after the Japanese word for ‘fireworks’, Hanabi aims to ignite the five senses, drawing on sight, smell, hearing, taste and touch to present an exceptional dining experience for its patrons. 

Hanabi by Privé Group has been making waves since opening in 2014, having quickly cemented its name as one of the top sushi establishments in the city. Nestled in Knutsford Terrace in Tsim Sha Tsui, the restaurant is an elegant 18-seater. The brightly lit minimalist space has chairs wrapped around the sushi counter, encouraging the easy flow of conversation between diner and chef – a trademark of fine-dining omakase bars.

Joining the team is Executive Chef, Perry Lau, who draws on 12 years of experience at celebrated sushi restaurants in Hong Kong to execute the delicate, elaborate creations at Hanabi. This is modern omakase at its best: fresh fish and premium produce flown in from Japan daily, combined with traditional and modern techniques to present flawless dishes in both presentation and taste. Available for both lunch and dinner, the omakase is also great value – clocking in well below some of the other premium omakase bars in Hong Kong, without compromising on quality.

At the heart of any sushi restaurant is the quality of the fish, and with different types of sashimi sourced daily from Tokyo’s Tsukiji market, you can rest assured you’re getting the best selection here. Exceptional sushi needs very little in terms of preparation or seasoning and the chefs at Hanabi know when to show proper restraint, presenting a soft and sweet scallop, delicate pink-hued snapper, or a buttery slab of tuna belly with just a dab of wasabi and soy sauce to coax out the flavours.

The precise nature of Japanese cuisine is noticeable in the details: the temperature of the ingredients, the mini dots of ginger and sprinkle of green scallions, and the way the rice holds together in perfect ratio to the fish.

Of course, omakase is also about presentation and artfully plated dishes and the kitchen pulls out the stops in some of its signature appetisers. Depending on the seasons, there’s homemade sakura jelly, Okinawa seaweed with vinegar, and creative sashimi featuring seared tuna topped with caviar and Hokkaido oyster. The ultimate showstopper, however, is the Angel Bomb, which features three grades of tuna –negitoro, chutoro and seared otoro – stacked with a generous dollop of creamy uni. Pop it in your mouth for an electrifying bite – but not before taking a photo first.

To pair with the food offerings, Hanabi has curated a special selection of premium sakes, working closely with select distributors in Japan to stock the ample cellar. Whether you’re looking for a dry, floral or sweet variety, Hanabi is sure to have something to pique your interests.

With a stomach full of good food and wine and plenty of variety to whet the appetite, dining at Hanabi is guaranteed to be a memorable experience when you have the craving for some top-notch sushi and sake.

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4/F, 6 Knutsford Terrace, Tsim Sha Tsui HK


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