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When it comes to fine dining Chinese restaurants in Hong Kong, it takes more than a perfectly pleated dumpling to stand out from the pack. A combination of excellent service, thoughtful decor and refined craftsmanship in the kitchen is needed to truly be recognised as one of the leading Chinese restaurants in the city – a position of stature that Golden Leaf has achieved over 27 years of polishing and perfecting. 

Opened with the original launch of the Conrad Hong Kong hotel in 1990, Golden Leaf continues to shine as a beacon of traditional and authentic Cantonese fine dining in Hong Kong, honouring age-old recipes while evolving aptly with the times. Serving up everything from dim sum to the Chinese delicacies including abalone, sea cucumber and fish maw, Golden Leaf impresses with confidence and expertise.

Leading the kitchen is long-standing Executive Chef Tony Wan Chung-Yiu, who boasts over 30 years of experience working in Chinese kitchens, including almost two decades with Golden Leaf. Wan’s style is elegant and refined with a respect for authentic cooking methods and the ability to create consistently enviable dining experiences. Above all, Wan knows when to defer to the ingredients, letting premium products like abalone, crab claw and sea cucumber shine with just a few simple touches to elevate the flavour profile.

During lunchtime, you’ll find Golden Leaf packed with regulars stopping by for that most beloved of Hong Kong dining traditions, dim sum. Whether you judge a good dim sum restaurant by the bright glaze of its char siu, the bounciness of its prawn dumplings, Golden Leaf passes with flying colours – each dish arrives with exquisite attention to detail and balanced flavours, pleasing to both the eye and the palate.

If you’re stopping by for dinner instead, be prepared for a feast of epic proportions, encompassing platters of hand-roasted Cantonese-style roast meats, steamed seafood and veggies, and prized Chinese delicacies. The shallow-fried crispy chicken is a must-try, burnished with a dark caramel skin, while the steamed fresh crab claws with ginger and rice wine are a gratifying taste of the sea, served on a bed of steamed egg whites. Finally, no meal at Golden Leaf is complete without the glazed barbecue pork — slabs of tender and meaty pork, rubbed with a mix of brown sugar, salt and five-spice powder, and smoked with a tantalising honey glaze.

Golden Leaf boasts three private rooms for intimate occasions or business dinners, but dining in the main banquet hall can feel just as exclusive. Tables are well spaced, allowing for intimate conversations, and everything from the white tablecloths to the cushy bronze-hued chairs evokes comfort and class. Classic and elegant Chinese elements adorn the room, from the carved teakwood furniture and antique art pieces to the golden ceiling lamps. This all contributes to the feeling of a luxurious private member’s club.

Whether you’re dining with business associates or a special someone, Golden Leaf is somewhere to impress company with fine food, great wine and an unbeatable atmosphere. After more than 27 years, the restaurant has truly become an institution in Hong Kong, successfully bridging old and new to sustain its reputation as one of the top Cantonese restaurants in the city.

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Lower Lobby Level, Conrad Hong Kong, Pacific Place, 88 Queensway, Admiralty HK


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