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Can’t decide whether you want chicken or fish? Head to Kennedy Town and indulge in both at Fish & Chick, a casual seaside spot that’s been serving up the best of both worlds since it opened in 2013. With its gorgeous, crispy-skinned rotisserie chicken matched only by delicious beer-battered fish ’n’ chips, Fish & Chick ticks off all the boxes for a lazy lunch by the sea, a perpetual favourite for K-Town residents.

The Singaporean-owned restaurant is owned and operated by Magdalena Ho, an entrepreneur who enlisted the help of industry friends to help kickstart her business. Knowledgeable about Asian cuisines from her Singaporean background, Magdalena expanded her western palate during her time studying abroad in Australia, and at the age of 25, decided to dip her feet in the F&B world with her first restaurant, Fish & Chick.

What started as an idea to just serve rotisserie chicken morphed into a surf ’n’ turf-style shack when fish ’n’ chips were added to the menu to match the seaside vibes. The name Fish & Chick followed, a fun play on the seaside staple while also highlighting the two signature items on the menu.

Whether it’s the name or the ocean-blue decor, the fish ’n’ chips tend to do the talking first, with first-timers going straight for the beer-battered fillets. Rather than serving up only one variety, Fish & Chick boasts almost 10
rotating selections of fish daily, ranging from New Zealand hake and monkfish to Icelandic haddock, and seabass and barramundi straight from the shores of Hong Kong.

Take your pick and wait for the thick and crunchy fish fillets to arrive piping hot from the fryer, the golden batter shattering to reveal flaky, moist meat. The satisfying crunch is replicated in the crisp chips that serve as a bed for the generous fillets – all hand-cut and fried to order. Paired with zesty homemade tartare, tomato sauce and a squeeze of lemon, it’s hard to beat this version of a true British classic. On the other side of the equation, Fish & Chick’s rotisserie chicken makes its own argument for being the star of the menu. Premium birds are marinated for a day then turned on the spit for an hour, giving them a signature golden brown crispy skin and juicy, succulent meat. Served whole or halved with a side of sweet corn and mashed potato, the plate of protein is a quick and hearty fix for poultry cravings.

Whether you opt for chicken or fish (or both), you can round out your meal with the daily soups on offer, fried calamari, fresh clams and crab, and a selection of homemade desserts from thin-crusted apple tarts to creamy panna cotta. Meanwhile, fresh ginger beer and homemade lemon ice tea are excellent thirst quenchers, particularly on hot summer days. While many places try to do everything at once, Fish & Chick has cracked the code for focusing on a few things and doing them well, making the restaurant as much a destination haunt as a spontaneous stop for seaside strollers. The next time someone asks whether you prefer the chicken or the fish, well, you know what your answer will be.

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25 New Praya Kennedy Town, Kennedy Town, Hong Kong


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