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There are few greater gastronomic pleasures than sitting down to a Japanese omakase meal, each plate crafted from scratch and drawing on the purity and essence of Japanese cuisine as an art form. At Dining at Murasaki, these thrills are multiplied in a degustation that borrows from both Japanese and French culinary traditions, and combines elements of omakase and kaiseki for a one-of-a-kind, multi-sensory experience.

‘Murasaki’ translates to ‘violet’ in Japanese, and the restaurant lives up to its name with luxurious interiors dominated by gold and purple tones. The 930-square-metre restaurant is divided into the main dining room, four
private rooms, a teppanyaki bar, a sushi bar and a dreamy dessert corner draped in florals and hanging gold lights. The royal purple tones are also reinforced in the cutlery and the menu, while Japanese lattice screens
help to section off the semi-private seating. While Japanese and French influences form the foundation of the menu at Dining at Murasaki, the meal’s purpose is to please and delight, so guests will find their palates catered to despite the premise of omakase: let the chef decide. For those who don’t eat meat, a spectacular vegetarian omakase awaits – surprising with the same twists and turns and showcasing the unbridled creativity of the kitchen.

Head Chef, Alfred Poon, is the culinary wizard behind the menu, bringing over two decades of culinary experience from five-star hotels and high-end restaurants to Dining at Murasaki. His knowledge of French ingredients and cooking methods is shown in the multi-faceted menu that puts a modern spin on time-honoured Japanese dishes, creating clever works to impress even the most jaded of diners.

From sushi to sashimi to hot dishes and teppanyaki, a meal at Dining at Murasaki is meant to impress from start to finish. And if you choose the long drawn-out format of an omakase, you’ll be well-rewarded. Each dish is a study in composition and visual art – from the bright orange sea urchin and roe, packed into a carved ice bowl with chewy udon noodles, to the premium abalone that arrives in a volcanic stone pot of rice to the seasonal sashimi platter, featuring pink slabs of premium chilled otoro tuna as the piece de resistance.

If you’re craving the sizzle of the grill instead, make your way to the long teppanyaki counter where veteran Japanese chefs flick knives and twirl spatulas in a display of showmanship and theatricality. Here you can savour everything from premium A5 Wagyu beef to succulent, sweet shrimp seasoned with nothing but a drizzle of butter, salt and pepper.

Whether you’re meditating over the momentto- moment joys of the creative omakase, or delighting in the nimble skills of the teppanyaki masters, a meal at Dining at Murasaki is an experience that touches all five senses. Add to that the exclusive cabinet of top-shelf Champagnes, wines, whiskies and sakes, and the delicate Japanese sweets display that beckons to all dessert lovers, and you have everything that’s to be cherished about this world-class cuisine under one gold-gilded roof.

Locate Dining at Murasaki

Shop 8, UG, Sino Plaza, 255 Gloucester Road, Causeway Bay


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