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What does a burger backed by a million dollars taste like? You can head to Burger Joys to find out. The open-all-night Wan Chai burger shack will see you happy to line up, often out the door, to get your perfect burger at any hour of the day.

Two years ago, owners Manu Lee and David Mak invested a cool million in coming up with the perfect recipe for their burgers, which were created by Vegas-based chef, Todd Williams. The result? A burger that many claim to be the best classic diner-style patty in town.

It all started on a night out in Wan Chai, when Manu met Todd and formed a partnership through one simple goal: to produce the best American-style hamburger in town. To that end, Manu and Todd have followed a scientific and methodical process in reaching their end goal, testing over 200 recipes along the way. After three months of kitchen engineering, the team at Burger Joys settled on their formula for the ideal cheeseburger: a smashed and griddled beef patty made of imported US beef, a golden layer of melted American cheese, fresh lettuce and tomatoes, and a secret recipe sauce that lends just the right amount of tang to the meat. It’s a version of a perfect Los Angeles-style burger by way of Hong Kong, and it has all the local burger fiends wiping the meat sweats from their brows.

While the classic burger is the star of the show (upgrade to a double cheeseburger if you dare), there are nine other burger creations on the menu that should satisfy everyone from poultry lovers to vegetarians. For an alternative to red meat, the chicken and fish burgers hit the spot – the former boasts a juicy roasted chicken breast atop a bed of crunchy lettuce, while the latter features a thick breaded fish fillet offset by tangy pickles and mayo.

For vegetarians, there’s an exceptionally delicious mushroom cheeseburger that has a patty made with five different mushrooms combined with crispy tater tots. It follows ‘Burger Joys’ recipe for burger success, with a golden-griddled brioche bun from Las Vegas-based French pastry chef, Michael Gillet, a careful composition of fillings-to-bun, and an easily handheld size that allows for devouring on-the-go.

You can pair your burger with a selection of diner-style sides including crispy fries (Cajun-style, garlic, melted cheese, black truffle or sweet potato), battered onion rings, tater tots, spicy buffalo wings and even a few fresh salads for a bit of green with your meal. Then you can top it all off with a milkshake. These smooth and creamy concoctions come in a range of flavours, including chocolate, cookies and cream, strawberry and vanilla. Served with a generous swirl of whipped cream, these shakes can also be spiked for the perfect late-night indulgence.

Burger Joys dishes up its brand of food bliss all hours of the day, spreading the simple joys of a juicy, well-made cheeseburger paired with fries and a shake. Following in the style of In ’n’ Out and Shake Shack, Burger Joys has well and truly brought the American-style burger experience to Hong Kong, making this Lockhart Road hangout a source of happiness for every local burger lover.

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De Fenwick, 42-50 Lockhart Rd, Wan Chai, Hong Kong


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