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To the delight of busy shoppers, Bizou dishes up world-class fare inside one of Hong Kong’s busiest shopping malls. Located on the ground floor of Pacific Place, the self-proclaimed great American brasserie provides more than just a respite for the tired soles of shoppers: it’s a gastronomic heaven.

Separating itself from the profusion of mall restaurants through its trendy, modern design and attractive food and drink offering, Bizou is both a casual lunch spot and a dinner destination. With award-winning recipes from international chef Todd Williams and creative cocktails by famed mixologist Joseph Boroski, it has everything you need for a memorable meal out.

Interiors have been designed by Shanghai-based Neri & Hu Design, exuding comfort and sophistication with walnut-wood furniture, marble tabletops and sectioned seating accommodating 100 guests in total for all-day dining. Near the entrance sits an attractive bar, where guests can snack on nibbles and try one of the many creative concoctions courtesy of Joseph.

Kick off your night with the Multi-Coastal, an exotic pick-me-up made from tequila-infused Arabica coffee, curry leaf syrup and egg white; or the L.A. Told Me, a refreshing combo of gin, blueberry peppercorn syrup and pink grapefruit juice. If you’re after a simple drop of wine turn to talented Sommelier for a recommendation.

The irresistible urge to gorge is offset by a healthy-leaning menu from Head Chef, Todd. Growing up, Todd spent his summers on his grandparent’s farm in southern California where he was surrounded by fresh produce. This has resulted in a farm-to-table approach with lighter offerings that rely heavily on spices and precise cooking techniques to impart maximum flavour. The Los Angeles local is used to meeting high expectations, having assisted in opening restaurants such as Gordon Ramsay Pub and Grill, Nobu, and Central by Michele Richard.

Todd’s menu jumps across continents, flitting from Europe to Asia and the Middle East to deliver dishes that feel both familiar and new at once. The menu incorporates everything from Italian spaghetti with short rib ragu, to a simple, yet perfectly cooked steak with your choice of cut, sauce and side. While the wide-ranging menu could easily feel disjointed, there’s a sense of cohesion that applies: every dish is fresh, flavourful and inherently reflective of the kitchen’s efforts to spotlight seasonal ingredients and sustainability.

Wherever possible, things are made in-house, a philosophy that diners can appreciate in the fragrant fresh-baked sourdough and the tender and juicy whole-roasted chicken. The salmon is a stunner: cooked to a blushing light pink, transporting diners straight to the Mediterranean coast.

Todd’s commitment to fresh produce ensures you’ll never think of salads as boring.  There’s the creative mint jalapeno kale Caesar with toasted bread crumbs and Pecorino cheese.

Whether you’re stopping for a mid-shopping snack or a full-on dinner, Bizou offers an attractive option for its holistic approach to food, commitment to making ingredients in-house and multi-faceted menu that draws on the best elements from different cuisines around the world.

Locate Bizou

Shop 132, 1/F, Pacific Place, 88 Queensway, Admiralty


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