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The streets of Saigon have found a new home in the streets of Hong Kong, where BEP Vietnamese Kitchen delivers authentic street snacks in a contemporary space. Like its sister restaurant Nha Trang, you’ll find diners at all hours of the day packed inside, slurping bowls of pho and snacking on spring rolls and satay skewers.

One thing’s certain when you watch BEP’s kitchen staff at work, meticulously picking fresh herbs, rolling rice paper rolls and stirring the wonderfully aromatic broth for the pho – the food here is made with a deep passion and love for the cuisine, and a respect for the ingredients that form the cornerstone of Vietnamese cooking.

Executive Chef, Helen Ngo, is the leader of this parade, having developed a culinary philosophy that celebrates home cooking done well. A Vietnam native, she now calls Hong Kong home and constantly works to source the best ingredients for her kitchen, ensuring that she can deliver truly authentic fare.

Start your dining experience with a signature dish from the starters menu, the soft-shell crab rice paper rolls. These delicious morsels are generously portioned with the crispy fried legs protruding out the top, crunching satisfactorily to reveal the tender crab meat and coral inside.

Follow these with the mixed satay skewers – tender chunks of chicken and beef infused with a sweet marinade and the fragrant scent of lemongrass. The skewers are served with a chilli-peanut sauce boasting just the right amount of spice to add a powerful kick to the dish while still maintaining the balance of spicy and sweet.

Banh mi lovers will cheer at the version crafted by BEP, with the option of crisp pork belly or lemongrass grilled beef complemented by house-made pickled carrots, cucumber, coriander leaves and mayo on a fresh baguette. It’s every bit as good as any banh mi you’ll have in Vietnam, from the thin, crunchy crust and soft interior of the baguette, to the perfectly balanced mix of pickled veggies, mayo and meat.

Another notable item on BEP’s menu is the banh xeo, a popular dish that’s rare to find in Hong Kong. This sizzling Saigon crepe features a lacy-edged crispy crepe (made with flour coloured by turmeric, as opposed to eggs) that’s pan-fried with a mix of juicy shrimps, pork, bean sprouts, onion and mung beans. The crepe when eaten on its own is crispy, thus the addition of fresh lettuce wraps and herbs on the side to balance out the bite. Crunchy and refreshing, this dish will take you directly to the bustling street stalls of Vietnam.

The design at this casual eatery is clean, modern and sleek, composed of stainless steel, copper mixed with oak and neon lights for a hip, industrial feel, as well as an open kitchen to catch the chefs at working with passion and fun.

With consistent quality and delicious food offered at an affordable price point, BEP undoubtedly waves the banner for one of the best Vietnamese eateries in town.

Locate BEP Vietnamese Kitchen

G/F, 88-90 Wellington Street, Central, Hong Kong


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