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Keeping up with the latest Korean food fad – whether it’s fried chicken, kimchi fries or tiered hotpot towers – has been a Hong Kong preoccupation in recent years. This coupled with neighbourhoods such as Tsim Sha Tsui and Causeway Bay, which have long been Korean food hubs, has made Hong Kong a gold mine for lovers of kimchi and kalbi. Tucked away on Kimberley Street, Angry Oppa is giving locals a glorious taste of the spicy, fermented flavours of Korean cuisine.

A city’s diverse culinary scene is often a product of immigrants longing for a taste of home. Tsim Sha Tsui residents have Jim Kim Oppa and B Oppa (two Korean ‘oppas’, if you will) to thank for the introduction of Korean-style pizzas. Resembling Chicago deep-dish pizzas, these Instagram-worthy beauties are the anchor to a menu that features classic and fusion Korean dishes, the foods that Jim and B grew up eating and learned to cook from family recipes.

If you thought fried chicken was the best Western dish to be adopted (some would say improved upon) by Koreans, Angry Oppa’s version of a deep-dish pie might make you reconsider. The Korean cheese pizza is more than 10 centimetres tall with a puffy, golden brown crust that contains its lava-like filling: bright red gochujang sauce with smoky bacon, shrimp, fresh veggies, mushrooms and Korean rice cakes. All bound by a ring of thick mozzarella cheese that stretches from the hot pan to your plate.

Angry Oppa also serves up a delightful twist on the ubiquitous Korean pajeon: oversized pancakes studded with seafood, kimchi and scallions. The classic seafood pajeon contains fresh shrimp and squid, while another version is made with green onions for a garlicky, herbaceous bite. For chilli fans, the kimchi pancake will have you reaching for an ice-cold beer to temper the heat.

The menu is rounded out with soups and stews, from bubbling cheese fondue to doenjang pots hiding fish cakes and beancurd as well as rice sets that arrive in silver tins, like a Korean-style bento box. These include neatly arranged rows of marinated bulgogi beef and spicy homemade kimchi, zucchini, pickles and a runny fried egg over seaweed rice.

With barbecue absent from the menu at Angry Oppa, the traditional fitted charcoal grills with smoke-suction vents and short tables with bar stools have been replaced by a comfier, cleaner aesthetic more suitable to daytime noshing. Industrial grey walls, exposed ceilings outfitted with hanging white lamps, and light wooden tables create an airy, bright space that lets in the natural light.

Angry Oppa’s cosy interior makes it a welcome spot to stop by for a quick snack or coffee during the day, but make no mistake the flavours here are as bold and punchy as any dish you’d find on the streets of Seoul. At night, the scene gets just as rowdy as the K-BBQs in the area, with chatter filling the shop and empty bottles of soju and makgeolli littering the tables. If you’re salivating for the spicy flavours of Korea in a range of addictive K-fusion bites, you know exactly where to go.

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73 Kimberley Rd, Tsim Sha Tsui, Hong Kong


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