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The Best New Restaurants in Hong Kong

Knowing the right place to eat in a city can be the difference between a mind-blowing trip and a dud of a holiday. You could spend hours trying to find the right place online and read out of date, half-finished reviews or you could come to Smudge Eats and simplify the process. We provide a comprehensive list of new restaurants in Hong Kong and will give you the low down of what’s hot in the culinary landscape locally.

Don’t waste your time on restaurants that don’t deserve it and food that isn’t worth it. We provide you with the best places to spend your money in Hong Kong and the best food experiences that your hard-earned cash can buy. We at Smudge Eats love food as much as you and want to help you choose your next pig out spots with our detailed reviews.

Eat your way through the country

No matter the weather, summer or winter, good food remains the same. Treat yourself to the best food in Hong Kong and find a restaurant that suits what you are looking for. Looking for some Thai? A bit of Mexican? No matter what you and your friends are looking for we have reviews for every culinary mood that you may be in.

We write about a comprehensive list of restaurants and go into detail, so you can really find out more about the different restaurants on offer and what great establishment you want to visit next! We visit restaurants, bars and everything in-between that offers food so you can find Hong Kong’s sweet eats and savoury samplings. We pride ourselves on the selection of restaurants, bars and cafés we review but also the honesty we put into each article we publish.

From one side of the country to the other

Whether you are at Rednaxela Terrace or Chai Wan Kok Street, we have restaurant reviews to best suit your needs wherever you are. We look out for restaurants that we know you want to know about, because restaurants in Hong Kong are what we are passionate about. Browse through our extensive list of reviews now and find the restaurant that is right for you!