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Looking for great specialty coffee in Hong Kong? You don’t have to look any further than The Coffee Academïcs. With six locations around Hong Kong and counting, the staff has made it their mission to make specialty coffee accessible to everyone, awakening a general appreciation of high-quality coffee through a transparent, informative and fun approach.

The Coffee Academïcs was founded in 2012 by Cornell graduate, Jennifer Liu, an architecture student who became enamoured by all aspects of coffee culture during her time abroad. After graduating and moving back to
Hong Kong, she decided to make it her mission to reinvent the coffee experience as a part of the local lifestyle, giving it a trendy makeover while digging deeper into the question of what makes the perfect cup of coffee.

The ambition materialised into a cafe where people from all walks of life could come and trade thoughts on different schools of coffee, challenging their own notions while learning more about the whole process from bean to cup.

In fact, if the name didn’t give it away already, continuing education is one of the fundamental tenets of The Coffee Academïcs. Baristas here do more than just push levers and pack coffee grounds – they’re given comprehensive training in all aspects from roasting to blending to brewing, picking up skills that help them go on to become highly sought-after coffee
professionals around the world.

To supplement the training, Jennifer travels with her team to notable coffee-growing regions to study different crops and to develop the brand’s relationships with coffee producers, farmers and industry leaders. From Cuba to Peru to Melbourne, these eye-opening trips have resulted in a diverse, premium selection of beans and a number of award-winning
blends – each offering a distinct flavour profile.

The Coffee Academïcs’ beans are all almost entirely roasted over at Roastery Lab, a dedicated R&D centre and micro-roastery, to maintain the highest quality. Try the TCA House Blend, with green coffee beans sourced from Colombia, Ethiopia and El Salvador, roasted to achieve a buttery chocolate aftertaste. Or sample the Hong Kong blend, which harmonises single origin beans from five different countries for a rich and complex sip. From velvety lattes to iced macchiatos, each cup is uncompromising in its quality, appearance and flavour.

The food menu is likewise inspired by the team’s travels, with signature dishes spanning the global spectrum from Jamaican chicken tagine to crispy fish fillet tacos and spicy Singaporean laksa. Whatever your cravings,
The Coffee Academïcs’ international menu is sure to satisfy them.

For all of The Coffee Academïcs’ global ambitions, the brick-and-mortar store remains completely approachable. Taking cues from New York City’s SoHo district, the venue boasts an industrial-style, loft-like space, effortlessly mixing comfort and style. In-house brewing and roasting rooms play host to a variety of open classes, from Sensory Sessions where you can learn the fundamentals of coffee tasting to Bespoke Blending for orchestrating your own custom blend.

From cultivating beans to cultivating coffee as a lifestyle trend, The Coffee Academïcs has helped to inspire a new generation of coffee connoisseurs and industry professionals in not only their home of Hong Kong but also in Singapore and China. In an era when specialty coffee continues to rise above mass consumption, an ambitious project such as
The Coffee Academïcs is a shining example to lead the way.

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28 Yiu Wa St, Causeway Bay


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