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Vegetarianism and healthy, plant-based eating has officially permeated the mainstream Hong Kong food culture, thanks to the proliferation of health food cafes such as nood food. Sprouted from a fitness and yoga brand, this health food chain is spreading its brand of cold-pressed juices and superfood smoothies across the city. With their largest opening yet in Pacific Place, nood food is on the cusp of dominating the growing grab ’n’ go health food market.

Most locals will know nood food from Pure Group, the leading healthy lifestyle brand that oversees gyms and yoga studios, which are second homes to both overworked Centralites and the yoga mat crowd. From its beginnings as a health club cafe, nood food has branched out to carve an identity for itself outside the confines of the gym, becoming a staple lunch stop for office workers in the area.

If you were to sum up nood in one word, it would have to be transparency. Its concept is all about clean, stripped-down food – ‘nude’ food if you will. Altered to ‘nood’ to reflect the cheeky nature of the company (a play off ‘food’ and ‘good mood’), the name is representative of the brand’s philosophy. They believe the food production process should be completely transparent from start to finish, letting customers know exactly what they’re putting into their bodies. This transparency is maintained across all food produced at nood, with no preservatives, additives or processed sugar and the seasonal menu reflecting the best and freshest ingredients, snipped straight from the garden.

From soups to sandwiches, wraps and an irresistible salad bar, nood is a godsend for the health-conscious crowd. Dive right in with the colourful range of superfood smoothies – protein-buffed thirst quenchers boasting a laundry list of high-performing, health-boosting ingredients. Prepare for a cardio session with the Pre-Workout Delight: a combo of coconut yoghurt, strawberry, banana and almond butter; or cool down after with the Pick Me Up Protein Builder: a nutrient-packed blend of almond milk, banana, coconut flower nectar, cacao powder and sprouted rice protein.

With Hong Kong riding the wave of the global cold-pressed juice trend, it’s no surprise that nood food boasts more than 20 of these vitamin-dense beverages made with every combination of fruits and vegetables imaginable. These beverages are more than just hipster hype, with each one boasting plenty of nutrients to get you through the day. Try green combos such as the Zen Daddy (apple, cucumber, spinach, kale, lemon and parsley) and the Green Machine (pineapple, apple, avocado, barley grass powder, mint extract and spinach).

If you’re keeping it carb-free, nood’s value-for-money salad sets will stave off hunger for a good part of the day. Top your greens with avocado and hemp seed or walnuts and cashew dressing, then it’s time to pile on the toppings: beetroot, roasted pumpkin, bell pepper, sweet corn, coriander, quinoa, chia seeds, roasted pumpkin, tomato, lentils – the list goes on. If you’re after an extra serve of protein, there’s the option to add on tender roast beef or grilled chicken.

Meanwhile, the sandwiches come in an assortment of fillings from smoked salmon  with egg and cashew mayo to turkey and guacamole, all piled on wholegrain bread. For breakfast, your options are even more fruitful, including a.ai bowls topped with fresh fruit, muesli served with milk and raw coconut yoghurt, and different flavours of chia porridge from vanilla to cacao.

Even bagels are transformed from a calorific number to a nutrient-dense snack at nood, available in multigrain, wholewheat and topped with chia seeds.

Expanding from a takeaway counter, nood’s latest flagship in Admiralty’s Pacific Place is a light and airy loft-like space dominated by blonde wood and forest-green tones. To one side, the gleaming stainless steel fridge boasts a rainbow of smoothies and cold-pressed juices for an instant energy boost, while directly opposite sits the eye-popping salad bar, featuring a colourful assortment of the day’s fresh, seasonal mixes. Sectioned off seating inspired by natural decor allows a meditative corner for guests to have a private conversation or enjoy their meal in peace and quiet.

The flagship shop also boasts nood’s first open kitchen, another step towards furthering the transparency of the brand. Here guests can witness the two culinary captains working in tandem: Executive Chef Lee Kin Pong and health food expert Moises Mehl (or Chef Moy, for short), a certified raw vegan chef. Together they brainstorm the ever-rotating menus based on sourcing fresh, sustainable organic plants and produce.

In a city where stems and sprouts may just be edging out meat-focused meals, nood food is spreading the gospel for a new wave of enlightened eating that doesn’t sacrifice flavour for nutrition. Whether you’ve just come from a gruelling workout at the adjoining gym or you’re simply popping in for a midday pick-me-up, nood’s revitalising fare will put a pep in your step in no time.

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