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There are many varied industry questions when it comes to coffee, whether it’s a question of the best espresso machine or grinder on the market or which coffee-growing country yields the best single origin. Since 2009, Hazel & Hershey (which previously traded as Hershey’s Caffettiera until 2015) has been a one-stop shop for industry professionals to gather and exchange thoughts and ideas, all while stocking up on the latest tools of the trade and connecting with manufacturers and producers at the forefront of the industry.

With this foundation in place, it only makes sense that the company’s retail boutique coffee shop, Hazel & Hershey Coffee Roasters, would be the first place to go for those seeking premium coffee made by experts at the top of their field. From the first revitalising aroma of ground coffee beans when you approach the whimsical turquoise and brown façade of Hazel & Hershey, you’ll know you’ve come to the right place to get your caffeine fix.

Whether you’re craving a rich and silky piccolo with its full-bodied shot of espresso, a fresh pour-over coffee or a creamy, turbo-charged nitro brew, Hazel & Hershey’s expert baristas are masters in the art of extraction, quality control, temperature and pressure, blending and brewing the perfect cup every time.

Serious coffee drinkers will want to explore the long list of single origin beans. Hazel & Hershey’s proprietors travel far and wide to source these specialty beans from around the world, from Africa to Asia to Central America
and South America. The sun-dried Guji Hambela heirloom coffee beans bear a fruity aroma with a honey and cocoa finish, while the Costa Rica Sonora Honey beans boast rich, syrupy notes of caramel and molasses. Enjoy them unadulterated in filtered coffee or espresso to best soak in the nuances and deep flavour notes.

As you sip on your coffee, there’s plenty to keep you entertained in Hazel & Hershey’s eclectic shop, with one wall dedicated to a retail space stocked with the shiny new tools of the industry. Coffee nerds will want to stock up on premium barista equipment, from fancy brew stands to premium coffee grinders and expensive filtration systems for the hardcore enthusiasts.

Hazel & Hershey’s scope isn’t just limited to the cafe and retail shop: the brand is an active leader in the local specialty coffee movement, hosting public workshops, coffee camps, competitions and appearing at expert panels around the city. Hazel & Hershey also supports the local community through artist outreach (the takeaway cups feature rotating designs by local artists) as well as partnering with local charities such as Feeding Hong Kong.

And if you’re looking to turn your interests from a hobby into a full-time profession, Hazel & Hershey is a certified international Specialty Coffee Association (SCA) centre, offering professional barista training courses that count as credits towards a full Coffee Diploma. You’ll have to work your way up through many intense hours of certification training, but the good news is, there’ll be a constant supply of fine full-flavoured brews to keep you well-caffeinated along the way.

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Shop 3, 69 Peel St, Central, Hong Kong


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