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Hong Kong’s beer scene has seen phenomenal growth in recent years, thanks to a handful of dedicated local microbreweries such as Little Creatures. An import from down under, this Australian-born brewery is focused on all things beer. It’s even named itself after the microscopic yeast organisms that speed up the brewing process – the ‘little creatures’ who do all the work.

The original Little Creatures was founded nearly two decades ago by a group of like-minded beer enthusiasts, who bonded over a shared love of hop-driven pale ale and desire to create their own hoppy beers. The group banded together and opened their first brewery in a forgotten boat shed and crocodile farm, located in Fremantle on the west coast of Australia.

The aim? To demystify the brewing process and encourage curiosity and interaction in the community, while helping to grow the local craft beer scene. The first Little Creatures was an instant success, and a second location popped up not long after in Geelong, on the east coast of Australia.

In 2016, Little Creatures decided to expand its footprint to Asia, opening their first international outpost in Hong Kong. In keeping with the tradition of refitting old sites, the Kennedy Town brewery took over an old flour warehouse on the waterfront, boasting a 6,000-square-metre space. Today it is fitted with a fully operational 500-litre brewery, installed behind the main bar where guests can learn and interact with the process.

If you’ve popped into Little Creatures ready to expand your beer-drinking horizons, you’re in good hands with Head Brewer, Tom Champion. Having worked with the brewery for the past eight years, Tom is an encyclopedia of knowledge when it comes to the different steps that go into creating single batch beers. Ease into a flight with the signature Pale Ale, a hop-driven, full-bodied beer, or the Bright Ale with its clean, crisp taste. Other serious beer explorers can try the Original Pilsner made with German Perle hops; the signature IPA, boasting the most hops of any Little Creatures brew; and the Rogers Beer, a smooth and silky sip with the robust flavours of whole hop flowers and toasted malts.

It’s not just beer enthusiasts that are in for a treat. Foodies will also find comfort in the diverse menu on offer by Head Chef, Jackie Chau. The menu features everything from crispy chicken with chilli pineapple sauce to corn on the cob with toasted quinoa, and a tempting selection of pizzas fresh out of the oven. The Australian influence also spells good news for devout brunch-goers – weekends are filled with diners digging into thick-cut waffles doused in maple syrup and smashed avocado bowls brimming with bright coriander. The best part? Brewers have a great relationship with caffeine, meaning the venue offers some of the best coffee around if you need a break from the beers.

Hong Kong has few places where quality beer is served straight from the source, and Little Creatures has certainly made its mark in the local market. Whether you’re a beer novice or an avid enthusiast looking to challenge your palate, Little Creatures is the place to expand your horizons, with excellent food and that signature laidback Australian hospitality.

Locate Little Creatures

5A New Praya Kennedy Town, Sai Wan, Kennedy Town, Hong Kong


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