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Wander down Lee Tung Avenue, past the shiny designer brand stores and boutique coffee shops, and you’ll spot an old Hong Kong–style bird shop. Manned by the fictional proprietor ‘Mr. Wong’, this unassuming aviary hides one of Hong Kong’s most elaborate and exotic drinking dens, Ophelia.

Inspired by a 19th-century opium den, this Alice in Wonderland–esque world was designed for those looking for a night of excitement and entertainment. Elaborately decorated with brilliant gold and green plumage, the bar is an ode to the peacock, featuring 32 steel, copper and stainless steel industrial art pieces made with real feathers and 600,000 hand-painted tiles designed to resemble the peacock feather’s eye. Other details, from the hanging cages to the swaying beaded curtains, also draw inspiration from the magnificent bird.

Given the attention to detail and extravagant decor, it’s no surprise that the man behind it all is the Bangkok-based nightlife designer, Ashley Sutton. Ophelia was Ashley’s first collaboration with local group, Dining Concepts,
and the project proved so successful that Ashley went on to design the ore mines of The Iron Fairies and the beguiling beetle-bedecked walls of J. Boroski.

The staff and service feed into the otherworld illusion at Ophelia, with servers dressed in glamorous old-style cheongsams and ‘muses’ lounging above the bar tables, partially hidden behind feathered fans.

The hazy fog is perpetuated by the choice of potions on-site. Drinks are potent and powerful, with brilliant concoctions designed to take you far down the rabbit hole, before you can even come to grips with
your surroundings.

The man behind the bar is Cagri Teker, who found his passion for mixology while working at high-end hotels around his home country, Turkey. After relocating to Hong Kong, he trained under his mentor, Suraj Gurung, at
Stockton prior to moving to Dining Concepts. At Ophelia, Cagri has created a Cabinet of Curiosities – a selection of aromatics, Asian herbs, spices and fruits that combine to create the bar’s one-of-a-kind tipples.

Take a sip of the Uncaged: a fruity mix of Ocho Blanco tequila with cherry puree, agave nectar, orange liqueur and grapefruit juice. Or perhaps sample the Paparazzi, which features the unique addition of activated charcoal
to a base of Black Magic spiced rum, lifted with orange juice, banana liqueur and Veuve Clicquot Champagne. Alternatively, it’s hard to go past the Sapphire Pursuit – a signature cocktail that combines Aviation gin with sour
lemon and grapefruit juice, violet liqueur and a maraschino cherry. Meanwhile, a selection of tapas will feed any hungry stomachs, with an ever-changing array of nibbles on offer.

Once you’re a few drinks in, give yourself over to the enchantment of the night, with changing nightly experiences ranging from fire-wielding burlesque dancers to risqué performances from the Sinful Circus.

You never know what you’ll find, but that’s the beauty of succumbing to the magic of this bewitching nightlife destination. If you’re ready for an escape from the daily grind, Ophelia is the place to be.

Locate Ophelia

Shop No41A, 1/F The Avenue, 200 Queen's Rd E, Lee Tung St, Wan Chai, Hong Kong


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