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The Best Bars in Hong Kong

While travelling through the local sites, the beautiful architecture and rural locals is great for your day trip, it’s at night that Hong Kong really lights up. Travelling the local streets of Central, Hong Kong and surrounding regions, Smudge Eats have comprised a list of the best bars and eateries around the city, creating the perfect guide for travelling foodies.

Step out after a day of touring to a local bar brimming with authentic cuisine and lavish cocktails. Meet neighbours and fellow tourists eager to start a night time adventure. Whether you’re celebrating a special occasion or looking for a night to unwind after a day of work, you’ll be able to discover the secrets of the city through our keen eye.

Nights out with the locals

The team at Smudge Eats travel and explore the latest bars, creating stories through detailed reviews. We want to share the travel experience through colourful words and outlines of the food and drinks that excited us over the adventure. Our reviewers have visited all kinds of bars, cafés and restaurants to find the best in the city, tasting the popular dishes, the favourite drinks and everything in between. We have our recommendations so you can plan what you want, or simply step in and discover a story for yourself!

Discover something spectacular. Tourist heavy locations are less-than-likely to have that authentic edge, and the modern traveller is hardly inspired by these step-by-step guides to travel destinations. This is why, at Smudge Eats, we search through each and every street, finding those hidden gems that give the true taste of Hong Kong living.

Eager to plan your next holiday?

Start your trip with the local’s eye. From the best bars for a night out, to local shopping destinations and the perfect cafés for breakfast, Smudge Eats has got you covered. We want everyone’s trip to truly reflect the style and vibe of the thriving cities we love, so we show our personal favourites, guaranteed to turn your trip into a truly memorable one.