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The Best Bars in Fitzroy

From the old classics to the paint-is-still-wet newbies, Fitzroy is full of beautiful bars just waiting to be explored. No matter the weather, occasion, budget or atmosphere, you’re perfectly placed to find your drinking mecca; a place to sip and sample, dance and drink and most importantly, have a good night.

But with a beer tap on every corner, just where do you start? We’ve done the hard yards for you, trawling through Fitzroy’s beer gardens, dance floors and rooftops to find the best of the bunch. Consider us your experienced guide, a beacon lighting the way down Brunswick Street, weaving through the side streets and coming up at Smith Street on the other side. We’ve got everything from ‘must get there early’ nooks and crannies to ‘spread out, we’re staying a while’ behemoths, all with the one cause in mind: making sure you have the best night ever. One serve of the suburb’s best bars, coming right up!

Your Guide to Fitzroy’s best bars

Our comprehensive guide to the best of Fitzroy will make you that friend – the one that everyone turns to for suggestions – pulling the newest openings and coolest classics out of your back pocket. You’ll become the ‘go-to’ gal or gentleman, leading friends on a drinking and dining adventure like no other. Whether you want to snuggle up and sip on cocktails in an intimate small bar, dance the night away or just have enough room for the entire crew to set up shop, we can point you in the right direction.

Curious about what the bars in Melbourne have to offer? Always wondered who makes the best coffee in Sydney? These are the types of conundrums we aim to put to bed. If there’s a bar, restaurant or café that you think we should feature, don’t hesitate to get in contact at smudge@smudgepub.com.au