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The Best Restaurants in Collingwood

From tasty tacos to the best banh mi, casual cuisine to fine-dining first dates, Collingwood has it all. Smith Street is buzzing with every kind of fare, from take-away burgers at Huxtaburger to the two-hatted Saint Crispin. What’s more, the side streets are home to cosy nooks and hard-to-find hide outs.
Dine in an old tram five storeys high, a disco-style pizza bar, a converted greenhouse or Japanese salon. Whether you’re in for a chill feed, group catch up, housemate hangout, boozy dinner, or after somewhere that gets rowdy after dark, we’ve got the list for you. We’ve eaten our way up and down the main strips and side haunts of Collingwood and found everything you need, detailing the best venues in Collingwood.
For flavours of everywhere and a taste of the world, look no further than Collingwood for its multicultural fare and creative kitchens.

Your Guide to Collingwood’s Best Restaurants

Our comprehensive guide to the best Collingwood has to offer instantly makes you the expert when it comes to all things food and fine dining. Your friends want dinner in Collingwood? You’ve got the answers. Italian? Tick! Spanish? You betcha! French – you know where to go. A beverage and bite at midday? A green smoothie at 4pm? Mexican until midnight? It’s all at your fingertips, just metres away from Smith Street.
Whether you’re after a quick fix take-away or a long lunch so you never have to return to work or responsibilities, we’ve got the place for you. Our extensive selection means you’ll never go hungry wherever you are.

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