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The Best Restaurants in Brunswick

Its no secret that Australia is rich in diversity and multi-culturalism. Where better to find all the flavours of the world than Melbourne’s inner northern suburb of Brunswick and its array of restaurants? Both Sydney Road and Lygon Street are a melting pot of ethnic restaurants, food markets and cafes – all sharing their authentic treats and keeping traditions alive.
From the best middle eastern cuisine, to delicious Slovenian or Cuban, Brunswick has an inclusive community vibe brought to life through its food. The locals come from all corners of the globe and landed in Melbourne to make Brunswick home, bringing their culture and food with them. Travel to their roots from less than 10 kilometres from the CBD.


So many choices, so little stomach room – where to eat in Brunswick

Humming from day to night, both Sydney Road and Lygon Street can be a distracting place to find a restaurant to pull up a pew. But don’t fear, Smudge has made it a little easier. Between the gift shops, food stores, retail outlets and authentic cafes, Smudge has found the hidden gems that are worth paying for parking for. 
Narrow down the labyrinth of restaurants by selecting your cuisine, then your location – and ta da! Not only does Smudge outline the restaurants’ best menu items and features, there is also a detailed look at the story behind the venue. If the locals of Brunswick are anything to go by, the truths behind each place will include an interesting story that will bring more light to your chosen eatery.

Know of other hidden gems? Let us know!

Sometimes the hidden gems are just that – hidden. Smudge is always looking for new places to feature because after all, Melbourne is culinary crockpot bubbling over with new venues every week. Please contact us directly to share your local knowledge – smudge@smudgepub.com.au.
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