• Mon: 7am-3pm (kitchen opens from 7am - 2.30pm)
  • Tues- Sun: 7am - late

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  • Licensed

Beers, burgers and a hefty side of banter, now that sounds like the recipe for a great Friday night!

Let’s be real though, there’s burgers and then there’s burgers and the cheeseburger from Billykart that Ben O’Donoghue has created, is best on ground every single time. If this burger was playing footy it would have had over 30 clearances, made a tackle on half of the opposition’s players, and kicked at least 4 goals all in the first half. However, if sporting analogies are lost on you, let’s hope you can at least appreciate that this is one fine burger.

Billykart Bar is injecting a casual, walk-in environment into the Bris-Vegas food scene, next door to its West End brother. Friday night feeds can range from classy degustation style evenings, filled with a lot of red wine and even more pomp and ceremony than an evening on the couch in your boxers munging down on a big old burger and a few brewskies. Billykart Bar is helping out those who are fans of the latter, tempting them out of the house but also supplying them with all the goodies you need for a night 1v1 with your TV.

The entire Billykart Bar concept has been modelled on *that* cheeseburger, and why shy away from perfection? The focus is on creating an Aussie version of the classic US fare. Think burgers, beers, fries and wings. All burgs are held together with the softest milk bun your mitts have ever held and we can confirm that there will be cheese oozing all over the place. If human interaction is the last thing you want after a week at work being a slave to the man, Billykart Bar goodies are thankfully available on UberEats so you can eat them in the safety of your own home.

Oh and don’t worry, there are drinks aplenty! Beers, cocktails, wine, ciders – you name it. Even the dinky-die Queenslanders will be satisfied, thanks to the presence of good old XXXX gold cans on the drinks menu.

Friday night sorted, am I right Brisbane?

Locate Billykart Bar

2-4 Edmondstone Street, West End QLD, 4101


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