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With a dedication to great coffee, Revolver Espresso is the perfect fusion of Melbourne’s world-renowned coffee scene and Bali’s relaxed spirit with its own grungy, urban feel.

Owner, Katie Allan, was a professional surfer who frequented Bali for the waves but returned later in life for the lifestyle. These visits coincided with the height of the Australian coffee revolution, and Katie quickly realised that Bali was being left behind. After gaining some invaluable experience at The Little Marionette roaster in Sydney, Katie made the brave move to Bali to make her dreams – and those of many Australians residing in Bali – come true.

Now, Revolver Espresso rivals any coffee house in Australia for flavour and feel. It can be quite a challenge to locate unless you’re already in the know – only a small sign points the way to the saloon-style swinging doors. And while the name was inspired by a Beatles song, it developed a life of its own and began to influence the cafe’s styling.

Inside, the decor perfectly fuses Bali’s tropical feel with the exposed fittings and industrial look of Melbourne’s brunch scene. A mix of vintage art and black-and-white movie memorabilia decorates the walls, and old records are displayed in Coca-Cola crates. The vibe is cool and inviting, with a hint of the wild, wild West.

The best coffee beans are imported from around the world and roasted locally in Bali. The result: a cold drip that is full-bodied with a trace of bitterness, and an espresso with a strong nutty taste and high acidity, which mellows out into mild berry flavours as it cools.

Despite Revolver pulling crowds for its top-notch caffeine and the team’s obvious love for coffee, they’re not overly serious about their brews – or anything else, for that matter.

Aside from the great coffee, the food is another reason to start your day at Revolver. The menu was developed by Brent Mills – one of the key players behind Bali’s Hank’s Pizza and Liquor, and Sydney’s Corner House. Brent sources local fruit and veggies are from nearby Bedugul to ensure the freshest flavours end up on your plate.

Classic brunches like smashed avo and house-made muesli with goji berry and coconut sit alongside new favourites, such as the Grassy Knoll (sure to make Bondi locals feel at home) – a breakfast salad with local leaves, halloumi, beetroot, quinoa and delicate soft-boiled eggs; and the El Cartel baked eggs with yoghurt and dukkah. Hearty but well executed, the lunch menu boasts burgers, sliders, share plates and salads, catering to foodies as well as post-party sufferers. The latter group flock here for The Godfather – an epic breakfast burger that includes layers of hash browns and bacon.

Revolver Espresso’s standout coffee and fresh food offerings have established its must-visit status. It’s a home away from home and quickly becoming a major player in Indonesia’s coffee revolution.

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Gang 51, Jl Kayu Aya, Seminyak, Bali


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