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It’s no secret, Bali is very into its health food/vegan cafes. However, Kynd Community cafe has taken this trend to a whole new level, establishing not only a plant-based cafe but also a community of like-minded souls, kicking off a KYND-ness revolution.

Proving just how good cruelty-free food can be, Kynd Community has created an entirely plant-based menu that looks to only wholesome, locally grown produce for its fresh and simple fare. Dishing up an array of the classics, Kynd is your one-stop-shop when it comes to smoothie bowls, raw treats and fresh salads. However, beyond these quintessential, health-food menu items are a few sneaky newbies, not often found in the realms of the vegan world. Kynd’s signature vegan waffles are a clear crowd pleaser, topped with a load of healthy sweets such as coconut ice cream, fresh berry compote, maple syrup and sweet dukkah.

If you are looking for a lunchtime fix then look no further than their delicious gourmet toasts. Named after a select few famous ‘kynd humans’, such as the ‘Nelson’ (beet hummus, breaky bruschetta, roquette, dukkah and a balsamic reduction) and the ‘Ghandi’ (aioli, basil pesto, sundried tomatoes, smashed pumpkin, spring onions, roquette and sweet chilli). Placed atop of your choice of dark rye or gluten-free bread, these bad boys (good boys really) are sure to keep you charging until dinner.

Pair any of these creations with your choice of Kynd’s amazing teas, love mugs, smoothies, juices, mylkshakes, freakshakes, elixirs, coolers or lattes, and you are sure to be treating your body to one big load of kindness. Though if you are after a quick coffee on the go, Kynd has a fully trained barista on hand all day, ready to make you a delicious coffee brewed from Expat beans.

While the cafe may be small, there are some big ideas behind Kynd. This ethos of kindness is at the core of everything that this business touches; from the food to the takeaway packaging, all the way down to the materials that literally hold the cafe together, no stone has been left unturned.

Looking towards the future, Kynd Community is hoping to grow – their delicious waffles and decadent smoothie bowls have managed to gain some serious following! For now, though, the original Kynd Community is at the helm of the kynd-ness movement, hoping to take on Bali one green smoothie at a time.

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12 Jalan Raya Petitenget, Badung Bali


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