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Bali’s Best Bars for Nights Out

The colourful, exotic island of Bali is the perfect tropical getaway, combining indulgent food, incredible nightlife and proximity to truly stunning natural landscapes unique to the country. Smudge Eats has spent time travelling through Bali, exploring the local bars and discovering the perfect space for that evening celebration.

Whether you’re looking for somewhere to enjoy delicious, fruity cocktails, or an exquisite, private locale perfect for the luxury traveller, Bali’s nightlife is vibrant and energetic, with bars scattering the tropical landscape. This means you’re sure to find a personal favourite, ranging from the modern, dimly lit indoor bars serving divine spirits, to the specialty garden bars taking full advantage of the warm nights and beautiful tropics.

Find the perfect cocktail at the perfect bar

At Smudge Eats, we deliver reviews of popular and local bars around Bali’s best regions, creating an intricate story of the venture through this colourful island. We visit local bars, restaurants and cafes sporting creative design, friendly and welcoming atmosphere and great food and drink. What’s more, we endeavour to find the spots that aren’t on the tourist’s hot spots, ensuring you experience real Bali luxury. From meeting locals and travellers to indulging in exotic cuisine, you’re sure to find somewhere that’s perfect for you.

Scattered through Bali you will find unique bars to tour over the evening. After a day of venturing through the nature of Bali’s popular and remote regions, return back to an indulgent bar for a couple of drinks. At Smudge Eats, we detail each memorable bar we visit, to ensure every traveller has a guide to a truly memorable experience.

Finding the best spots for your holiday

From the best rooftop bars to luxury beer gardens, Bali has become synonymous with beautiful, subtropical bars perfect for unwinding in. Whether you love to plan your adventure, or just want some inspiration for your next Bali trip, Smudge Eats endeavours to provide you with a comprehensive list of our favourite restaurants, bars and cafés. Browse our latest reviews, or feel free to get in touch with the Smudge team if you have any questions.