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There’s no beating around the bush at Etica – its name exactly describes its ethos. Translating as ‘ethics’, the pizzeria is run with two things in mind: the promotion of animal welfare and the creation of la vera Pizza Napoletana. With a focus on quality produce and humanely raised meats, Etica brings the 130-year-old tradition of Napoletana pizza-making to South Australia.

As law students at university, owners Federico Pisanelli and Melissa Merola were exposed to the realities of the animal welfare industry, and here, their passion was born. “After graduating, we tried to find ways to contribute to the cause,” the co-owners explained, “and this, together with our frustrations when eating out, contributed to the idea of Etica.”

And thus, their restaurant was created with a commitment to consciously raised local ingredients. Federico and Melissa built relationships with their producers to ensure the highest standard of animal welfare and quality. Local farmers’ markets are visited every weekend to select ingredients for their weekly changing menu.

Fruit and vegetables come from Patlin Gardens and Scarfo Organics, pork from Kangaroo Island courtesy of pig farmer Dan Florence, beef from Burns’ biodynamic beef, and dairy from B.D Farm in Paris Creek. These are then combined with the tradition of Naples to create beautiful antipasti, salads, pasta and pizzas.

Their adherence to tradition has been recognised by Associazione Verace Pizza Napoletana (AVPN) – a qualification that’s hard to come by. Its difficulty

means Etica is the only restaurant in Adelaide to be recognised in such a way. Such is their dedication that the wood-fired oven was imported from Naples to ensure authenticity.

Each step during the production of the dough is carefully monitored and nurtured. Temperature, humidity, and alkalinity are controlled by hand in a process that takes over 30 hours to complete. After stretching the dough by hand, pizzas are then assembled and blast-cooked directly on the wood-fired oven floor at a temperature exceeding 450°C. At this extreme heat, pizzas are cooked to perfection in a mere 60 to 90 seconds.

Of course, the pizza Napoletana is the crowd favorite, but the other hand- crafted menu items win hearts with unmatched subtlety. Etica creates fresh pasta, antipasto dishes and salads, constantly changing the menu each week, complementing accessibility to fresh produce. Its short wine list adheres to the founding principles of animal welfare and has a focus on small producers both locally and in Italy.

This cozy and casual restaurant is invitingly decorated. Wooden chairs and tables sit amongst the tiles of the oven while white lights contrast with a dark ceiling and conversation fills the air.

At Etica quality and simplicity are key. Blending tradition and consciously sourced ingredients, it impresses and dazzles with an unrivalled passion and dedicated to the welfare of all sentient beings.

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