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Located just off Adelaide’s busy Ebenezer place, Exchange has become a favourite of locals and nearby workers, serving up some of the best coffee in the East End.

Tom Roden started Exchange after returning from a trip to London. He started working within the coffee industry back when he was in university, quickly developing a passion for the business. He moved to London, furthering his skills at Workshop Coffee. When he returned to Adelaide in 2012, there was a lack of quality cafes in the area, so Tom decided to open his own coffee shop.

When searching for the perfect name for his new venture, Tom thought back to London’s cafes in the 1600s. These cafes of old were places where everyone was welcome and intellectuals could gather to engage and exchange information.

Today, Tom hopes that Exchange can engage Adelaide’s coffee drinkers, taking them on a journey through each cup of caffeinated goodness. There’s no such thing as “just a latte” at Exchange, the drinks menu guides you through the beans’ journey from crop to cup, giving drinkers details of the origins of each blend.

Try espresso with seasonal blends from El Salvador and Guatemala or choose a single origin filter coffee from Kenya. Tom applies equal consideration to his range of teas with high-end oolong from Taiwan and China or Yunnan black tea.

While Tom’s specialty is behind the coffee machine, it is James Bendall who takes the reigns in the kitchen. Before Exchange, James had predominantly worked in restaurants, although he always had a passion for creating delectable brunch dishes, something he pursues with fervor at Exchange.

Seasonal and local produce informs all of James’ selections for the menu. During warmer months you’ll find coconut, fig and chia pudding being served to eager diners sitting in the shade the tree on the corner of Vardon Avenue.

Boiled eggs and soldiers are no longer just for kids, with the addition of prosciutto and gruyere generously layered upon sourdough toast. Whether you prefer your eggs scrambled, poached or fried, you know they’ll always be of the highest quality as James sources his eggs from Kangaroo Island.

If you’re after a taste of summer, try the king prawns served with an intensely refreshing watermelon, cucumber, feta and mint salad while rumbling stomachs will be immediately satisfied with the Wallace sandwich filled with avocado, pancetta, chipotle mayo, roasted peppers, tomato and mojo verde.

As soon as you enter, you’ll feel at home in the inviting space with clean lines and muted colours. The low counters are designed to make the space feel open and encourage banter between staff and diners, creating an exchange of information – just like in London’s old coffee houses.

Tom and his crew have recently revamped and extended the previously (very) small space, now with more room to sip on your filter and enjoy a delicious Mexican breakfast (an Adelaide favourite!).

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Shops 1 & 2, 12-18 Vardon Avenue, Adelaide


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