Each year, billions of coffee capsules end up in landfill across the world and can take up to 500 years to break down. Crema Joe’s mission is to change this, making sustainable alternatives accessible to the home brewer.

Based in Melbourne, Crema Joe is the exclusive agent for SealPod in Australia – an environmentally friendly coffee pod that won’t contribute to daily landfill. The reusable SealPods minimise your waste contribution and the sticker lids are recyclable, meaning no part of the capsule ends up as waste.

The pods are Nespresso compatible, suitable for brewing coffee, tea and hot chocolate. To use, simply fill the pod with coffee, tamp and seal with a sticker lid. The cost effective capsules also work with Inissia, U, Pixie, Citiz, Maestria, Lattissima, Essenza, Le Cube, Creatista and Concept coffee machines.

Teaming up with Wild Timor Coffee, Crema Joe is now offering a complete coffee bundle with its SealPod Capsules. Roasted to a dark profile with a deep caramel, cocoa flavour, the blend has a medium body and creamy finish, perfect for the SealPod capsules. Wild Timor Coffee is organic, single origin and direct trade, with sales providing growth and employment to local communities in East Timor.

The bundle package includes one SealPod reusable capsule, one fresh cover, 24 espresso sticker lids and one coffee scoop. The bundle is the perfect product combo for the conscious coffee lover and available for pre-order online – www.cremajoe.com.au.

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