On today’s coffee scene, one doesn’t have to look far to find a coffee shop roasting in house. At these Sydney cafes, the coffee’s always great and the beans are fresh as can be.


Brew Collective

Charlie Coffee, the boutique roasters behind The Sneaky Grind, opened a new cafe in the CBD in August 2014 – meet Brew Collective. The cafe is a favourite of inner city folk, corporate types on their way to work and coffee enthusiasts who will travel past any number of cafes on their way to Brew Collective.

For Manager, Jay Bartho and Head Roaster, Saxon Griese, coffee is a passion and their lifeblood. Charlie Coffee does all roasting for the cafe themselves and has even coined a new term for the way they roast their signature house blend – ‘New Sydney’. It’s lighter than where Sydney has been traditionally, but dark enough to maintain that bit of body that carries it through the milk.

Customers can buy bags of Charlie Coffee beans to take home; either pre-bagged, or as their own personalised order from Brew Collective’s wide green bean selection. Just let them know how you want it and they’ll make it so! If you’re not sure how you like it, be sure to join Brew Collective’s monthly coffee tasting session, where you can taste the month’s special coffee offerings and listen to the expert baristas tell you all about the coffees’ characteristics.

1 Margaret St, Shop 2 (enter via Kent Street), Sydney
+61 404 997 675

Pablo & Rustys 161

Known to Sydney locals as ‘161’, Pablo & Rusty’s home in the CBD has become ‘the’ destination for specialty coffee in the city centre. Opened in August 2013, it is a recent addition to this specialty roaster’s story. The team wanted to create a space in the heart of the city where you could always find an exceptional coffee, a place to sit and enjoy it along with food of equal caliber.

Head Barista, Phil Pollen, works alongside a dedicated team to brew Pablo & Rusty’s House Blend and wide range of filter offerings, straight from their roastery. The current house blend is made from specialty coffees from Ethiopia, Panama and Brazil; all sourced directly from the farmers at origin. It is a sweet and complex, fruit forward coffee with tasting notes of brown sugar, milk chocolate and red berries. Pablo & Rusty’s 161 also offer cold brew coffee, perfect on steamy CBD afternoons.


161 Castlereagh Street, Sydney CBD
02 9283 9543

Salvage Specialty Coffee

Three mates, not happy with the compromising standards in their workplace, were sitting in a courtyard in Artarmon one night eating ramen, when they saw an empty shop sitting just across the way. The cogs in the brains turned, and on Australia Day 2013, the three mates opened Salvage Specialty Coffee.

Salvage Specialty Coffee also offers batch brewed coffee and hand brewed coffee – generally aeropress, or barista Toby’s personal favourite, Kalita pour over. There’s also the extremely popular cold brewed coffee, made using a full immersion brew. The boys pump out the Artificer Specialty Coffee espresso on a Synesso Hydra machine.

The food here (breakfast and lunch) looks like something out of a fine dining restaurant – beautifully presented, with delicate flavours. It’s a small menu (generally 6-7 food items), with a couple of longstanding menu staples. The food changes regularly dependent on the season. If you’re lucky, you might be there on a day they’re serving their Beetroot Cured Salmon, with horseradish crème fraiche and radish, apple and sorrel salad.


5 Wilkes Avenue, Artarmon

Salvador Espresso Bar

The Salvador Coffee ethos is simple – travel, taste, innovate. Owner, Marcio Brito buys his coffee wherever he finds good beans, from the Americas to Africa and Indonesia. Salvador Coffee aims to discover the berry, chocolate, stone fruit and caramel sensations in the coffee bean and then deliver that joyful complexity to you in a cup.

The purpose designed cafe layout allows customers to peer up at the roasting magic happening above them or spill out onto the footpath, taking a seat on reclaimed school chairs. King’s Lane has a rich history, previously playing host to the razor gangs and 1920s red light districts. These days, it’s a melting pot of creative people and is just as exciting, if a lot less dangerous.


Salvador Cafe 32 Kings Lane, Darlinghurst
02 9331 0071

Sample Coffee Pro Shop

Sydney coffee enthusiasts will be very familiar with the Sample Coffee Surry Hills Coffee Bar, which opened in late 2011. The great news is that the owner, Reuben Mardan, has since opened another Sample Coffee location, this time in St Peters.

The Sample Coffee Pro Shop opened in February 2015 and is located in a one hundred-year-old factory. It’s a modern coffee bar and roastery, which serves breakfast and lunch and offers a wide range of coffee brew gear for sale as well.

Barista, Toby Wilson, alongside Reuben and the rest of the team, work tirelessly to uphold their point of difference: consistently high quality coffee and exemplary service. They are always willing to educate their customers on coffee, and are continuing to learn themselves. They serve cold brew, batch brew, manual filter and a kombucha-cascara iced tea. They have on staff the current New South Wales Brewers Cup champion, which never hurts.

This big, light, modern space is a tremendous breath of fresh air into a historical building, which now, thanks to Sample Coffee, has a new lease on life.


Suite 1.03, 75 Mary Street, St Peters, NSW
02 9517 3963


These cafes are featured in our soon-to-be-released book, The Specialty Coffee Book NSW, available in July 2015 and available for pre-order here.

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