Melbourne Martini has solved the dilemma of creating cocktails at home. As much as we would all love to whip up a batch of espresso martinis when we have friends over, it’s usually just too much effort. That’s where Melbourne Martini comes in with its version of the classic espresso martini – in a jar.

Friends and founders, Dylan Alexander and Alexander Haeusler, bonded over their mutual love of quality drinks and food. They realised that if they wanted a cocktail at home it was always a bit of a hassle; between the time it takes to create it, the range of ingredients needed, set up costs, specific skills and complicated recipes – it was all just a bit too much work for one drink. The pair thought there had to be an easier way to enjoy cocktails at home so they set about creating their first product.

Espresso martinis are a difficult drink to get right and creating one at home is easier said than done. Despite this, Dylan, who owns Soldier On Espresso in Prahran, was determined he could come up with a version that could be prepared well in advance and enjoyed at home.

It was important that their cocktail had consistent flavours and tasted like a freshly made cocktail you would be served at a bar. Dylan has created it with a secret coffee blend that they believe gives their espresso martini, the Espresso, a point of difference. One key aspect is that instead of using traditionally brewed espresso they use cold drip coffee. Cold drip coffee means Melbourne Martini’s Espresso has a smoother flavour, consistent profile, no bitterness and – most importantly for a cocktail in a jar – a longer life span.

While drinking out of a mason jar is definitely on trend, the jar also has added benefits. The crema on top of an espresso martini is a key part of the drink and it was important to Dylan and Alexander that this could be recreated at home even without a cocktail shaker. The design of the jar leaves a bit of room to add ice. Once you’ve added the ice, reseal the jar, shake and you’ve got a perfect espresso martini with a light crema on top.

While Dylan and Alexander initially thought that the Espresso would be a great drink, they have been overwhelmed with the response. They have had a positive response from customers serving the Espresso at dinner parties, customers who like caffeinated beverages, and those who like the ease of being able to drink a cocktail straight from the jar.

Melbourne Martini doesn’t just stop at espresso martinis though. Due to their immense success, you’ll now be able to enjoy a Melbourne Martini from thousands of feet above as you jet from state to state on Virgin Australia domestic flights, and on the ground in their lounge. One of their top concoctions, the Tommy Tequila Margarita has been re-developed for high altitude, in a jar of course, using Mexican tequila, Australian lime juice, agave nectar and organic sugar syrup to ensure it’s the flight of a lifetime.

“By bringing Melbourne Martini to the sky we plan to revolutionize the way people consume in the air,” said Alexander, “It’ll create a new experience for travellers.”
Whether you’re on the ground or in the sky, you can now rest easy knowing that a cocktail is never far away, thanks to Melbourne Martini making it simpler than ever to drink top notch tipples with minimal fuss.

There are eventual plans to expand their range of cocktails depending on what’s popular at the moment, “if it’s hot in a bar, we put in a jar,” but for now Dylan and Alexander are just excited to open consumers minds to the idea of quality cocktails a home.

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