Mystery, fun and satisfaction await travellers embarking on a Bali Food Safari. Visiting a selection of fine culinary establishments that have been hand-picked by the Safari crew, guests can simply enjoy the rich tapestry of cuisine that Bali has to offer without lifting a finger.

Eliminating the hassle that can come from planning an evening out, the Safari team takes care of each and every detail: everything from the restaurant bookings and menu selections to collecting you from your hotel, transporting you between each restaurant and dropping you home at the end of the night. They can even cater to dietary requirements and plan for extra special occasions.

The Bali Food Safari idea was born while Simon Ward and his wife Gael were enjoying a family holiday in Bali. Trying to organise their one romantic night out, the couple were overwhelmed by the choices and couldn’t decide on just one restaurant. And then, “light bulb!” said Simon. “We decided to arrange a driver, jump in the car and go on an unplanned adventure to just see where we landed. Some places we grabbed a couple of cocktails, another was vino and entrees then shots and…well you get the idea.”

The next day, Simon and Gael realised their idea had the potential for great success in Bali. “We got to chatting to others at the resort about the idea. With lots of positive feedback and even a request to arrange the same for them that evening, we knew this was an idea that had legs,” said Simon.

Simon and Gael returned home to Perth and began the challenging task of planning the first Bali Food Safari, while balancing a family and full-time jobs. They were rewarded with success almost instantly. After four tours, a Perth-based food critic interested in trying a safari for himself contacted Simon. And so tour number five kicked off accompanied by a renowned foodie and his television crew. Naturally, he loved it and Simon and Gael have not looked back since.

“Bali Food Safari is a culinary adventure providing visitors an incredible experience in both its flavours and visuals. More than just a food tour, we’ve created an opportunity for travellers to try the sophisticated side of Bali’s dining scene with hand-selected dishes that bring imagination, artistry and style.”

By keeping the destinations and the menu secret, guests can try something they may not have otherwise tried and also have fun speculating what will be next. The mystery factor is key, explained Simon, “We leave you guessing right up until you’re pulling up at the first venue entrance. No looking at the menu, the chef has already prepared their signature dishes for the party to enjoy.”

As Bali Food Safari stops are based on Simon and Gael’s epic personal experiences, they are devoted to providing a similar experience for all their guests. Simon and the growing Safari team personally visit all of the restaurants, speak to the staff and evaluate the atmosphere before deciding whether to include a restaurant on safari.

Bali Food Safaris are about creating unforgettable experiences. Tour guides ensure guests enjoy each other’s company and the cuisine, free of worry. And for those who have been on a safari before, Simon insists the uniqueness of each tour means guests can keep coming back and be surprised over again. “We’ve been mindful in arranging our tours with alternating restaurants to keep things fresh. Some of our guests have come on Safari two, three, even four times with new, mysterious delights meeting them each time,” he said.

With Bali Food Safari becoming more and more successful, Simon is excited about the future and the opportunity to extend into new areas, even other countries. While there will be challenges along the way, he is dedicated to ensuring the Bali Food Safari philosophy shines in all tours. “Keeping the elegance, fun and style of Food Safari will be a challenge, but one that we’re mighty excited to tackle.”

In the meantime, Bali Food Safari is offering culinary and Rice Terraces tours through Seminyak, Ubud and Jimbaran.


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