The votes are in and the Aussies are cheering – for their own of course, as the winners of the 2017 Advance Global Australian Awards have just been announced.

And here at Smudge, we get excited about anything to do with food, so were thrilled to learn that the recipient of the Food category of the Food and Agriculture award was Jackie Yun, the co-owner and managing partner of the Wagas Group. Born and raised in Australia, Jackie has followed her Cantonese roots to China where she has grown what can only be named a hospitality empire, operating over 70 cafes and bakeries across 10 major Chinese cities.

The annual Advance Global Australian Awards celebrate key Australian players in industries from manufacturing to education, finances to science, technology and, of course, food who have taken their expertise to tackle overseas markets.

These high achievers in their respective fields have fulfilled criteria based on their capacity to pave the way towards innovation and demonstrate excellence in doing so, make significant contributions to their field, and exemplify an awareness of contributing to a more socially and economically inclusive Australian environment.

“These are Australians who are out there literally changing the world”, says Serafina Maiorano, Global CEO of Advance.

One overall winner will be announced at the Art Gallery of NSW on 10 October, and with world-class contenders in the mix, there’s nothing quite like a bit of Aussie pride.

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