Step out with fresh vigour from a dose of seasonal spring veggies during October. Cook them or eat them raw, they will add an instant lift to your energy levels and add a sparkle to your eyes!

Some Spring recipes to try –

Artichoke – Fresh curd, hazelnuts, onion and artichokes (from Melbourne’s Eau do Vie)

Asian Greens – Pan-roasted Snapper with Asian Greens (from Sydney’s Chiswick at the Gallery)

Asparagus – Goat Cheese & Asparagus Omelette (from Sydney’s Eat Fit Food)

Avocados – Guacamole (Limewood Hong Kong style)

Broccoli – Tagliatelle with Braised Broccoli, Capers & Baked Ricotta (from Melbourne’s 38 Chairs)

Cucumber – Cucumber, Mirin and Sesame Salad (from Mike McEnearney)

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